Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA)
Training Program

MIRA NCEO offers CNA training program to participants who are compassionate
empathetic, and love caring for people. If you have these qualities, don't wait and
enroll to the program to become a CNA and start your career in the nursing Field.

Classes available:

Monday through Friday (mornings and afternoons):

Weekends (mornings only)

CNA and HHA Continue
Education Units (CEUs)

MIRA NCEO is a continue education provider (CEP).

Approved by the California Department of Public Health.

Provide continue education classes to CNA and HHA.

CPR Classes



CPR/AED only



Nursing Assistant
Training Program

We offer classes in the morning, afternoon, and weekends.
Once you successfully completed the program, you will be eligible to take
the state of California certification examination.

CNA and HHA Continuing
Education Units (CEUs)

MIRA NCEO is approved by the California Department of Public Health
to provide continuing education for a certified nursing assistant
(CNA) and certified home health aide (HHA).

CPR Courses

classes offered. First Aid, First Aid and CPR, CPR/AED, FA/CPR/AED. BLS online and in class.

Jumpstart Your Nursing Career With Our Help

MIRA Nurse Career Education Opportunities (NCEO) is the first step to develop an excellent nursing professional foundation and the beginning of a successful future in the nursing career.


About us

MIRA Nurse Career Education Opportunities (NCEO) started in 2019.

Courses offered:
CNA training Program
Continue Education Units for CNAs/HHAs
CPR classes

One of our main priorities during the program and courses  is to highly emphasize patient's rights, safety, and infection control.

Our commitment is to train participants who are compassionate, love caring people, and who show interest in the nursing field.

Students at MIRA must demonstrate: professionalism, responsibility, respect, accountability, integrity, safety, and efficiency.

The classes are provided by a registered nurses and licensed vocational nurses who love to teach and are eager to pass their knowledge to their students.