A.  The Nursing Assistant Training Program (NATP)

The Nursing Assistant Training Program (NATP) offered at MIRA school is approved by the California department of Public Health. The NATP is a 24 weekdays course. The NATP offers Monday – Friday class and weekend class (Saturday and Sunday) theory class hours from 7:00 to 3:30 pm, clinical class hours from 6:00 to 2:30 pm. This course is designed for students who are interested to work in the nursing profession and environment. The course meets state and federal regulations.


About the program

The Program consists of 60 hours of theory class and 100 hours of clinical skills training. The curriculum modules meet all the requirements of the California Department of Public Health (CDPH). After successfully completing the training program you will feel confident and qualified to apply and take the California Competency Exam. After passing the state competency exam, the California Department of Public Health will issue the certificate for the new certified Nursing Assistant. 

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Course Content – Curriculum for the Nursing Assistant Training Program

  • Module I: Introduction
  • Module II: Patient’s Rights
  • Module III: Interpersonal Skills
  • Module IV: Prevention and Management of Catastrophe & Unusual Occurrence
  • Module V: Body Mechanics
  • Module VI: Medical and Surgical Asepsis; Infection Control
  • Module VII: Weights and Measures
  • Module VIII: Patient Care Skills
  • Module IX: Patient Care Procedures
  • Module X: Vital Signs
  • Module XI: Nutrition
  • Module XII: Emergency Procedures
  • Module XIII: Long-Term Care Patient
  • Module XIV: Rehabilitative Nursing
  • Module XV: Observation and Charting
  • Module XVI: Death and Dying
  • Module XVII: Abuse

Requirements for program eligibility and student fees responsibilities:

  • Be at least 16 years of age.
  • Graduated from accredited high school or equivalent (G.E.D. High School Proficiency Examination).
  • English/Reading competency at 9th grade level or higher.
  • CPR card/certification
  • Picture ID, Verification of citizenship or legal residence status in the United Stated.
  • After enrollment fee, you will be contacted to schedule an appointment, receive detail instructions and obtain the live scan fingerprints form.
  • Physical examination form – You will be contacted to schedule an appointment, receive detail instructions and obtain Physical examination form.
  • Medical and physical examinations and lab work must be within the last 90 days current and signed by a doctor or nurse practitioner indicating applicant does not have a health condition that creates a hazard to self or others. Physical examination should also include a physician’s statement that applicant is capable of any physical activity required during training. Drug screen results must be included in the medical and physical examination.
  • PPD skin test. A chest X-ray report must be provided if skin test results is positive.
  • Textbook and workbook
  • Uniform

Course Fee

Students Enrollment Fee. $150.0 (non-refundable) enroll here to reserve a spot


Training Program Fee. $1,350.00

B.  Continuing Education

Approved by the California Department of Public Health, NAC#1314, The Continuing Education Courses taken for credits at MIRA School will enhance the knowledge and skills of the certified nursing assistant.
The CNA are required to obtain 48 hours of CEUs every two years to renew the CNA certificate, with a minimum of 12 CEUs in each year.
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